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Common Documents to Apostille or Authenticate:

An Apostille is for documents to be used in countries that participate in the 1961 Hague ConventionTreaty. The certificate contains a seal by the Secretary of State or the U.S. Department of State where applicable.

Authentication certificates are for documents to be used in countries that do not participate in the 1961 Hague Convention Treaty. This process requires additional steps of Embassy Legalization.

Examples of documents that may require an Apostille or authentication for use abroad include:

  • birth certificate

  • marriage certificate

  • death certificate

  • divorce decree

  • court documents

  • power of attorney

  • adoption records

  • copy of U.S. passport

  • copy of driver license

  • transcripts

  • diplomas

  • articles of incorporation

  • corporate bylaws

  • deeds

  • background checks

  • trademarks

  • treaties

  • warrants

  • extraditions

  • agreements

  • certificates of good standing

  • courier letters


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