Manuela has been in the legal world for over 19 years & worked with many well-known top notch celebrity lawyers in the nation.


She has travelled the country assisting lawyers on high profile cases with her

paralegal expertise & her brilliance in putting the missing pieces to a case.


Finding alternative avenues are one of her unique skills. Her people and

cultural knowledge have proven vital & moved cases to success.  


She can change a room's atmosphere full of testosterone, articulate her point

in such a way that her presence is undeniable and brings people together.


It all started with a vision, a concept of providing simple and affordable solutions.

Scribble Seal was created after working with celebrity lawyers and prestigious law firms in the nation.


Years filled with high-profile and complex divorce cases, international child abductions and multi-million dollar jury awards. 

Never a dull moment.

By a twist of fate, my long-term vision has finally come to life! Today, it is my mission to extend my guidance, tools and resources.

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