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Embassy Legalization Services in the USA


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Your Trusted Partner for Embassy Legalization Services in the USA


Welcome to Scribble Seal, your expert partner for embassy legalization services in the United States (USA).

We provide comprehensive assistance for authenticating your documents for use in countries that are not signatories to the 1961 Hague Convention.


In the USA the need for embassy legalization often arises when you plan to marry, seek employment, study or relocate to a non-Hague Convention country. These services are also essential for corporate documents such as Certificates of Incorporation, Certificates of Good Standing, Annual Reports, Company Operating Agreements and more.


and any more...

The process for embassy legalization can be complex, and requirements may vary depending on the country and the type of documents involved. Our team of experts is here to assist you, handling all the necessary steps to ensure the correct and legally valid legalization of your documents.



State Certified: State issued documents such as birth, death or marriage certificates must be certified copies issued by the respective State.


Notarial Certification

Certain documents must first be notarized, verifying the identity of the signer, the trueness of photocopies of certain documents or the verification upon oath or affirmation when a signer confirms the truthfulness of the content of a document.

Department of State Authentication: Documents need to be authenticated by the respective Department of State in the U.S. State the document originated or by the State in which the notary is commissioned to ensure they meet state-level requirements.


U.S. Department of State Authentication

Next step is the attestation by the U.S. Department of State


Embassy Legalization in the USA

The final step involves the Embassy or Consulate Legalization of the destination country. This process authenticates and certifies the legitimacy of your documents for use at any consulate or embassy as well as in foreign countries that are not members of the 1961 Hague Convention Treaty.


Please note that costs for embassy legalization in the USA can vary significantly, depending on the destination country and the nature of the documents. Prices are subject to change, and our dedicated team is here to ensure that you obtain the appropriate legalization for your specific documents, handling all necessary steps professionally and reliably.


Get in Touch

Contact us to learn more about our services in the USA. We are here to answer your questions and initiate the embassy legalization process.


Scribble Seal (USA) - Your trustworthy partner for embassy legalization in the USA.

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Countries that typically require embassy legalization for documents include

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