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International Online Notary

Personalized International U.S. Remote Online Notarization

(Non-U.S. Citizen outside the U.S.)


Listed with the U.S. Embassy Abroad


Please note that, for identification purposes, some Non-U.S. Citizens may require two credible witnesses who personally know the signer.


International U.S. Online Notarization is a specialized service designed for Non-U.S. Citizens outside of the United States. Our highly qualified notaries possess the necessary knowledge and technology to securely and reliably meet this unique requirement.


Please be aware that not all notaries can provide such a service.


Our Service Details for International Online Notarization

All our bookings are scheduled in US Eastern Standard Time (EST/EDT).


You can easily reach us via email, phone, or WhatsApp.



+1 (407) 927-8390 Phone & WhatsApp



Receive your signed & notarized documents immediately via email

Using SignIX (secure e-signature software)

Your documents notarized in no time

Individual signer located outside the U.S.

Recorded Zoom conference

One notary stamp included


STEP 1:  Email your documents to be notarized to:

STEP 2:  We will reply with availability

STEP 3:  Pick your date & time for your online notarization or call us to schedule

STEP 4:  Further instructions for Non-U.S. Citizens will be provided via email




each additional U.S. notary stamp


each additional person signing or witness


additional charge for same day notarization

*Some Non-U.S. Citizens will require two credible witnesses personally known to the signer for identification purposes



+1 (407) 927-8390 Phone & WhatsApp


With Scribble Seal, you receive a professional and timely online notarization tailored to the needs of Non-U.S. Citizens outside the USA. Contact us today to plan your online notarization!


Cancellation Policy:

If you need to cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance.

Thank you!

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